With an experienced dental team and several clinics operating across the lower mainland we have treated patients with a diverse set of needs. Treatment results do vary, but we are proud of the work we do, and we hope that work shows on every patient’s smile after they leave us. Here are some examples of before and after treatment cases from our dentists:

Severe crowding. Extraction of 3 teeth. Metal braces. Treatment time: 20 Months

Severe crowding and Open Bite. Extraction of 4 teeth. Metal braces. Treatment time: 27 Months

Severe spacing. Twin Block. Metal Braces. Treatment Time: 21 Months

Severe Crowding. Deep bite. Over bite. Metal braces. Treatment Time: 18 Months

Mild crowding, Deep Bite, and Over bite. Invisalign. Treatment time: 20 Months

Moderate crowding. Clear Braces. Treatment Time: 14 Months

Under Bite. Metal braces. Elastics. Treatment Time: 20 Months

Anterior Crossbite. Clear braces. Elastics. Treatment time: 27 Months

Severe Crowding, Proclined and retroclined teeth. Invisalign. 16 Months since start