New patients at 360 Dental Specialists are always welcome. We accept patients from teenagers to adults for orthodontic treatments. As a new patient, we encourage you to contact us and follow these instructions to get started.

Getting Started

Your First Visit

New Patient Information Form

Get a head start on your first visit to our clinic. Download our patient form and submit it via email or bring it with you when you visit for the first time.

Insurance Information

We recognize that dental insurance can be confusing for most patients. What does your policy cover? Is it accepted at this clinic? When is a particular service covered or not covered?

Dental insurance is complicated and that is why we recommend you contact us first to determine if your insurance is accepted. Sometimes we won’t be able to determine your coverage without a check-up first. For instance, some procedures in many policies are only covered if the patient is a certain age or if they meet certain criteria. Ultimately these types of determinations are made by your insurance company, not the clinic.

360 Dental Specialists works with a number of insurance providers and sometimes we can accept insurance not listed, so its important to ask us before you visit for the first time. If you would like to know exactly what is covered by your policy, it is always a good idea to contact your insurer first.

Dental insurance typically covers a portion of your treatment. You will be asked to cover the balance of the estimated total remaining amount after your appointment. Occasionally the final amount owing is higher than estimated, in which case you may receive a bill from us.

Payment plans are available on case-by-case bases for select procedures.