Different Types Of Bites


Crowding is a common special issue. It occurs when the teeth are too large for the available area or when there is an imbalance between the jaw and tooth size. Crowding is treated by expanding the jaw or recontouring teeth for a better fit.


Also known as an overbite, an overjet occurs when the upper teeth are extended further than the lower teeth. It is critical to treat overjets when patients are younger to avoid surgery and more difficult treatments. Treatment options can include appliances to reposition the jaw, combined with different types of braces.


There are two types of crossbites: front and back crossbites. It is vital that crossbites are treated as soon as they are detected, to avoid permanent changes to one’s bone and face structure. Crossbites can be treated with one of several types of braces.


Another common issue is spacing or gaps between teeth. This is less serious in most cases but can lead to an unwanted appearance and compromise the health of gums over time. It is caused by a wider jaw or smaller teeth and is treated with braces or in extreme cases, dental veneers by referral to a cosmetic dentist.