Did you know that our specialists can provide you with your initial consultation as well as offering a second opinion.

At 360 Dental Specialists, our focus is on Invisalign and prosthodontics (Dr. Ballo).

All new patients are welcome at 360 Dental Specialists. You do not need a referral to become a patient. Please contact us today for more information or to book your first appointment, or use the “Book Online” on this screen.

When referring a patient, please remember to send us their information in a secure manner.

Are you a dentist or dental clinic with a patient referral? 360 Dental Specialists accepts referrals from dentists for Invisalign and prosthodontics (Dr. Ballo). Please review our available services and feel free to contact our clinic for more information.

Welcome to 360 Dental


Fraser Valley’s only Prosthodontic clinic-360 Dental Specialists is here for your Prosthodontic referrals.

360 Dental Specialists is a unique, specialized dental practice in Abbotsford with a focus on a wide range of prosthodontic services.

We are conveniently located in the beautiful Highstreet Shopping centre. The practice combines the experience and expertise of several different specialists.

Our dentists bring years of experience and specialized dental care to 360 Dental Specialists, allowing patients more care options under one roof.

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Accepting New Patients

All new prosthodontic patients are welcome at 360 Dental Specialists. You do not need a referral to become a patient.

oral medicine specialist


Prosthodontics is the area of dentistry that focuses on dental prostheses. This branch of dentistry works with the design, manufacture, and fitting of artificial replacements for teeth and other parts of the mouth.

Orthodontic treatment specialist


Invisalign can transform your smile, regardless of your age. At 360 Dental Specialists we provide the latest Invisalign treatment and technology using digital scans instead of traditional impressions.

Digital Patient File Transfers

Did you know 360 Dental Specialist is a member of the 123 Dentist Network? As part of the 123 Dentist member community, transferring patient files digitally is easier than ever and lightning fast.

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