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Teeth Extractions

The aim of dental care is to maintain your natural teeth by providing the necessary routines and treatment to keep them healthy and strong. However, when your teeth become weak due to damage or decay, a tooth extraction may be required.

Why Do I Need a Tooth Extraction? 

When you have a tooth infection, it is common to undergo a root canal procedure to treat the damaged area of the tooth. However, when a very severe infection spreads to the tooth roots, your dentist may be unable to save the tooth and suggest a tooth extraction instead.

Tooth Extractions for Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth that are impacted or grow at an awkward angle can cause problems for the surrounding teeth. Newly erupted wisdom teeth can also cause crowding in the mouth, resulting in alignment problems that affect how your teeth look and function. To combat these problems, your dentist may recommend a tooth extraction to maintain your oral health. 

What Is the Process for a Tooth Extraction? 

A tooth extraction is a common procedure that is performed under a local anesthetic. Your dentist will begin by gently loosening your tooth and then removing it with a pair of forceps. Any discomfort after the procedure can be alleviated with over-the-counter medication.

Solutions For Missing Teeth After a Tooth Extraction

If you have missing teeth or have recently undergone a tooth extraction, we offer several natural-looking solutions to restore your beautiful smile. At 360 Dental Specialists, we specialize in tooth restorations with dental implants, all-on-4 implants, crowns, and dental bridges.

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