Metal Braces (Child & Teen)

Metal braces are the most traditional, widely used orthodontic treatment at 360 Dental Specialists. Advancements and refinements have made wire braces less obtrusive than ever before, and younger patients can even choose their own colour option. Wire braces can be uncomfortable and restrict the wearer from eating certain types of foods, but they are effective.

Clear Braces (All Ages)

Not to be confused with Invisalign or ClearLine technologies, Clear Braces use pure crystal sapphire brackets that are nearly invisible and incredibly strong. Clear Braces work in the same way that traditional braces do, and are similarly effective. They are ideal for patients who have aesthetic concerns such as teenagers or adults. Clear Braces are a popular option for teenagers, since the provide the support of traditional wire braces with the improved aesthetic of Invisalign.

Lingual Braces (Adults)

Lingual Braces Incognito System is the newest orthodontic technology available at 360 Dental Specialists. Unlike other braces, Lingual Braces brackets are fitted on the inside of the teeth, completely invisible to everyone. Lingual braces have the added benefit of being 100% customized for each patient, however they are only effective for certain types of corrections.

Invisalign (Adults & Teens)

Invisalign is the clear alternative to braces, named such because rather than fixed wires and brackets, Invisalign works with clear, removable trays. The customized trays are replaced every couple of weeks, gradually adjusting your teeth like traditional braces. Advantages include the ability to remove trays for flossing and brushing, not to mention eating what you want. Like Lingual Braces, Invisalign is best suited for certain types of corrections. It is available for teens and adults.

Dentofacial Orthopedics (Specialty)

When teeth are misaligned at the bone, normal braces may not be enough. Dentofacial Orthopedics correct these complex issues with a series of orthodontic procedures and guidance from our dental team. This highly specialized orthodontic treatment is only necessary in certain instances and it often requires a longer, more hands on treatment plan and several types of appliances.